Residential Picosolar

Why should I get a Picosolar lease ?

We think leasing a Picoisolar system from the company you have a share in is the best way to own solar.

residential properties

Picosolar benefits

** difficult roof materials and other requirements may have an additional charge.  Energyshare members buy a co-op share which is redeemable at cost value at current value of $150.

Residential Solar

How much do I pay ?

Energyshare business is for its members.  We aim to provide our Picosolar lease systems prices so that you dont pay more for solar than your regular electricity bill.
Our members share any profit the business make to provide the best value we can.
"We love the ease of getting a solar PV system for our home. And we like the 'almost' no money down option while knowing we are saving on our power bill from the start."
Mark and Ting Wei Ralph
Energyshare member

How do I get a Picosolar system installed ?

Picosolar solar PV systems are easy to have installed and Energyshare can install on most roof types.  

Complete Info Forms

To help us assess your requirements

Picosolar system installed

You get solar energy supplied from your roof

Agree Picosolar Design

Ensure the design meets your needs

Join Energyshare

Buy a share, vote at AGM and share profits





Picosolar leases are great value
and stress free

We’d love to have you as a member of our energy business